Spiritual Maturity: What To Look For?


For many people spiritual maturity is something that they are constantly searching for. The thing is, many have found it, and don’t even know it. You may be pursuing this, for example, and you may find that it is in fact in place already. If you know the signs that accompany this realm, you’ll no doubt see that greatness is in fact in your grasp. Consider a few things that come with maturing in this arena, today.

Your Guided By Principle

The first thing to look for is what guides you. No, seriously, what truly pushes you on a daily basis? Do you have rules that you live by? If you do, are they spiritually minded? Do you pray? Do you meditate? What is it that pushes you to move forward with any arena? Seriously. If you can answer in a way that seems to point towards spirituality, you’re maturing or have matured greatly.

You Don’t Let Grudges Sink In

People can hang on to anger a great deal. It’s not good for you at all. When you allow this to happen to you, you’re going to find yourself dealing with a variety of issues. Do not let anyone bring you down a peg, and if they do, don’t let the issue hang on you. If you let things slide, then you’re already mature in the spiritual gift of forgiveness. Letting go is a huge sign of maturity, and it is second to none.


You Give To Those Less Fortunate

Do you give of your time, your clothing, and your money to those that are less fortunate? Then by all means you’re already a dynamo in regards to spiritual growth. Some people don’t do anything along these lines, and they wonder how they can change their lives. Sometimes the best way to see life in a new way is to give, and keep giving. It will help with a new spiritually minded lifestyle, that’s for sure.

You Don’t Seek Pleasure All The Time

Instead of seeking pleasure, you look for problems to fix, you’re happy with life, and you are enjoying bits of joy in everything you do. Deferring pleasure is one of the major signs that you’ve achieved spiritual maturity. Many people don’t get this, but if you know what this is like, then you have definitely reached a new stage in your life, and something that most will no doubt want to explore on a greater scale.