Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening


Sometimes life can be quite confusing. The things that you see every day may shift, change, and bring about new ideas. You may be in tune with your daily life, but out of the blue, you may see things in a new light. There’s a lot of different things that can come forward in front of our own eyes. Sometimes, without even knowing that things are shifting. When things aren’t easy to explain, perhaps consider the notion that you may be amidst a spiritual awakening. There are several spiritual awakening symptoms that can illustrate to you what’s going on, and what very well may be the answer for your overall needs. Consider the following signs and see if you’re in the middle of something grand.

An Interior Changing Feeling

The spirituality of every person beings from inside. It’s not something tangible. You don’t really feel it on the outside, it happens within. One morning, you will wake up and things will seem different, feel different, and your thought process will not be the same as it was yesterday. There may be moments of joy, Zen, and much more coming through that never were there before. You could very well see things differently as well, and react to new stimulus, a perplexing encounter, but one that his calm.

You Notice What Is Superficialspiritual-awakening-symptoms

As you pursue your daily routine, you’ll start to point out what is fake, what is not wholesome, and things that may not make you feel good. You’ll find the pieces of your life that seem to not fit anymore, including things that used to entertain you, make you laugh, and indulgences that you used to find as guilty pleasures. Those things will start to blur, and not make sense any longer. Those things that are fake, will start to seem all the more fake as a result of your new line of thought.

Sadness For The Larger Humanity

When you are amidst of spiritual awakening symptoms, you will start to feel compassion for the world. Your world view will shift. You will start to wonder about humanity, and what is truly going on around the world. You’ll see human suffering on the news and it will make you compassionate about causes that you normally wouldn’t care about. You will find that in some instances it will weigh on you, and you’ll have a hard time going forward without sending a positive thought into the universe, or perhaps even a prayer of solace. You will find new things come over you, no doubt.